Q: Do Dstv Installers charge a call out fee?

A: Like all mobile services DSTV Installers do charge a call out fee. You are able to ask the DSTV Installer what their call out fee is.

Q: Can you have more than one DSTV Decoder?

A: Yes, you can have more than one decoder in your home This is for dual viewing so that each member can watch a different channel in different rooms.

Q: How long does installations of DSTV Take?

A: This is depending on the installation job required, but generally it can take up to a few hours.

Q: Can you connect your DSTV to the internet?

A: Yes, our DSTV Installers can connect your DSTV To your internet.

Q: Can you have more than one DSTV account?

A; Yes you are able to have more than one DSTV Account, for instance if you require at your office or holiday home.

Q: Can a DSTV Decoder and Dish be moved and reinstalled?

A: This is possible. You will need to contact your DSTV Installer to remove and reinstall to the new premises.

Q: How much do you pay for DSTV per month?

A: This all depends on the type of package your choose, as each package is a different amount per month. Ask the DSTV Call Centre on all the packages that are available and they will also advise what package will suite you.

Q: Can you have additional overseas channels to your account?

A: Yes DSTV Allows you to add overseas channels such as Indian Channels, Italian channels, Greek Channels and many more, however this is at an extra fee per month per different channels requested.