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We offer the best Electric Fencing Installations in the Capital Park area. We all want to feel a little more secure living in our homes. We can assist with that, and make sure our premises is safe from the outside intruders. We are here to give you piece of mind and assist you with extra security around your perimeter of your home and business. Electric fencing is an electrical circuit and if touched by a person or animal is lets of an electric shock stopping intruders from entering your premises. The electric shock is not lethal but can cause discomfort for up to a few hours.  Electric fencing is set to a certain volt and cannot exceed that voltage number as it is illegal.

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Our Electric Fencing Installations  Capital Park will come out to you so assist with a quote and advise on the best option suited for your premises perimeter. Electric fencing is a safe way to protect your premises day and night as also runs on a back up battery that will run for up to a few hours shall there be a power outage.  Electric fencing does not use a lot of electricity but there is a slight increase on your electric bill but it will not break the bank.

Our Electric Fencing Installers Capital Park Johannesburg come highly recommended foe electric fencing requirements. Our team are certified electric fence installers and are professional in the work that they carry out. They are will advise on all possible options for you and will help you make the correct decision when wanting to install electric fencing. Our clients and their safety is our number one priority and making sure that you feel safe at all times. Contact Electric Fencing Repairs  Capital Park today to make your premises a safer place.